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How to escape dresses like a girl. The Syrians called him the Free Sissy Army !! Western Secular Zionist war crimes against humanity. The funerals of many inocent dead children in the Peshawar school attacks started later that day. blood soaked hallways of the school with the shoes of the children strewn all along it. Why no UN resolution or NATO intervention? Dont worry Akhi! The Mukhabara has everything under control happens to many not just Christians, happened to a secular governor too. Mrs.Tahira Qazi , the principal of the Peshawar school was a victim as well. dont worry its not your child. Spent ammo of the police (goons to intimidate political rallies specially PAT( Pakistan Awami Tehreek) Devolution of religion using Fascist. The communal justice meted out to the Goy by Zionism ( Nazism Light). What CNN and Fox wont show you. Khwariji revolution in the making in Pakistan as well.

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand