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No Israel Transitional Council? Where is the Free Palestine Council when one needs one ? And they resist Zion? Tis in the name of White Man\'s Burden ol chap ! dont worry its not your child. Aww ! The media wont cover the heinous ignoble crimes of Secular democracies ??? terror And Western religious and political conservatives allow this to happen? They did their part in upholding safety of civilians, now can we see the same determination from the Govt.? For the Indian Hindutvadis here is a good Muslim .. a dead one !! The slow incremental holocaust shoa of Palestinians. where were the counter intelligence efforts of the mythical Pakistani ISI ??? Not what CNN, FOX will show you because they have to protect the Wahabi/Western nexus. If they cover this then their ideological cohorts in Saudi Arabia\'s puppet regime in Pakistan will become untenable.

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand