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28 dead, and 150 injured ..http://www.abna.ir/english/service/middle-east-west-asia/archive/2014/06/11/615137/story.html They did their part in upholding safety of civilians, now can we see the same determination from the Govt.? Why no UN resolution or NATO intervention? She should not be so humble, she is not that good. US soldier watches as a Wahabi/Salafist/taqfiri Khawarij slaughters Iraqi Shi\'a And the Western Secular Liberal Democracies shalt befriend it. Do you know our names ? It is not Malala! The Secular mafia hyper-ethno racist terrorist coddled by Her Majesty\'s Government in London for more than a decade. A presumably dead Christian girl is carried off from within the Church bombing of All Saints Church in Peshawar on 23rd September 2013. Remember the state cannot protect its majority thus they cannot protect their minority either. removing the darkie natives is not easy work. Oi Vey ! Lets revisit Rabbinical Judaism under Rome. The loathsome,the fascist,the Khwariji And Western religious and political conservatives allow this to happen? The good Salafi ....a dead one !

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand