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Paksitani father bemoans the loss of his son to Salafist taqfiris. Minority Report anyone ? Dont worry Akhi! The Mukhabara has everything under control Where are the Tibet loving Media Liberals? Devolution of religion using Fascist. Achtung Mussalmannen. The slow incremental holocaust shoa of Palestinians. poor lads before they met their sad ignorant end. Ata Turk was a fascist,Erdogan\'s party is an Islamist fascist party too. Islamist terrorists who kill Shia,Sunni,Christians. and other minorities. Seriously Americans have to wonder why their nation along with UK are best buddies of likes of Qatar,Bahrain, Saudi Arabia ? The Qafir (Khwarij)buffoons are destroying civilization.

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand