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where were the counter intelligence efforts of the mythical Pakistani ISI ??? The good Salafi ....a dead one ! 28 dead, and 150 injured ..http://www.abna.ir/english/service/middle-east-west-asia/archive/2014/06/11/615137/story.html Seriously Americans have to wonder why their nation along with UK are best buddies of likes of Qatar,Bahrain, Saudi Arabia ? What CNN and Fox wont show you. Slain Shia Muslim children victims of Quetta bombing Feb.16 2013 The perfect collusion The loathsome,the fascist,the Khwariji The communal justice meted out to the Goy by Zionism ( Nazism Light). The man\'s name is Nawaz Sharif, the Burlusconi of Pakistan, buys ministry of interior and the police. We can him Stalin Sharif. Libya, Iraq and Afghaistan down .....Syria next !!! The slow incremental holocaust shoa of Palestinians. daddy fascists have baby fascists ruling us now !! the legacy continues !!

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand