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One of the heroic teachers who stood b/w the students and the terrorists saying over my dead body. They doused her with diesel and set her on fire. Minority Report anyone ? racial Jewism (Nazism Light) has a right to defend itself ?? Spent ammo of the police (goons to intimidate political rallies specially PAT( Pakistan Awami Tehreek) terror The slow incremental holocaust shoa of Palestinians. Water is all the poor dying can get. A Shia Muslim child wounded in the Quetta attack of Feb.16,2013. one less Palestinian to inconvenience the lives of racial Jewism The Secular mafia hyper-ethno racist terrorist coddled by Her Majesty\'s Government in London for more than a decade. Now we know why India has deep and wide involvement in Afghanistan.

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand