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poor lads before they met their sad ignorant end. McCain loves freedom even if its delivered to others by the likes of Al-Qaeda Mushy did it but did not last. How can Pak leadership talk tot terrorists? How many fathers have to carry their dead children. Yep! The Fox and CNN will not show you these. You wonder why? What CNN and Fox wont show you. Its not human rights abuses when democracies do it. daddy fascists have baby fascists ruling us now !! the legacy continues !! His name was Naeemullah and he is now dead. Obama\'s victim. The myth of the peace loving Buddhists goes up in flames along with a mosque. current Western Liberal Democracies sleeping with pseudo-Islamo-fascists !! You come to kill Pakistanis, you will die. The sooner they learn this the better it is for them. Ata Turk was a fascist,Erdogan\'s party is an Islamist fascist party too. They did their part in upholding safety of civilians, now can we see the same determination from the Govt.?

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand