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NATO protects some other interests. Khwariji revolution in the making in Pakistan as well. The Secular mafia hyper-ethno racist terrorist coddled by Her Majesty\'s Government in London for more than a decade. Achtung Mussalmannen. Seriously Americans have to wonder why their nation along with UK are best buddies of likes of Qatar,Bahrain, Saudi Arabia ? US soldier watches as a Wahabi/Salafist/taqfiri Khawarij slaughters Iraqi Shi\'a They did their part in upholding safety of civilians, now can we see the same determination from the Govt.? daddy fascists have baby fascists ruling us now !! the legacy continues !! die die Islamist scum, drove the toyota to the airport to die...sing this to the tune of Miss American pie. ;-) Islamist terrorists who kill Shia,Sunni,Christians. and other minorities. Photo credit should read MAHMUD HAMS/AFP/Getty Images She should not be so humble, she is not that good. Slain Shia Muslim children victims of Quetta bombing Feb.16 2013 The man\'s name is Nawaz Sharif, the Burlusconi of Pakistan, buys ministry of interior and the police. We can him Stalin Sharif. Its not human rights abuses when democracies do it. Water is all the poor dying can get. A Shia Muslim child wounded in the Quetta attack of Feb.16,2013.

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand