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blood soaked hallways of the school with the shoes of the children strewn all along it. Just some of the innocent dead in the Peshawar school attack of December 16th. poor lads before they met their sad ignorant end. daddy fascists have baby fascists ruling us now !! the legacy continues !! Its not faith but hatred of Islam that motivates these Hashashi\'een Mutazalite Kharijis. The hired goons aka the Police, an extension of politics of right wing Wahabi Saudi Arabian Neo-Conservative , Neo-Liberal govt. of NAwaz Sharif ( Stalin Sharif) terror racial Jewism (Nazism Light) has a right to defend itself ?? One of the heroic teachers who stood b/w the students and the terrorists saying over my dead body. They doused her with diesel and set her on fire. one less Palestinian to inconvenience the lives of racial Jewism Paksitani father bemoans the loss of his son to Salafist taqfiris. US soldier watches as a Wahabi/Salafist/taqfiri Khawarij slaughters Iraqi Shi\'a Devolution of religion using Fascist. current Faulty Chinese trigger saves the day. What CNN and Fox wont show you.

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand