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US soldier watches as a Wahabi/Salafist/taqfiri Khawarij slaughters Iraqi Shi\'a Oppressing the Kashmiris ! Aww ! The media wont cover the heinous ignoble crimes of Secular democracies ??? Terrorists kill military personnel in Pakistan, No coverage in media. Achtung Mussalmannen. Will Brangeline make a movie about this ? daddy fascists have baby fascists ruling us now !! the legacy continues !! Yep this is where Islamist bufoons get their hijab/niqab from. Dont worry Akhi! The Mukhabara has everything under control Rana Sanaullah and Nawaz league have blood on their hands The loathsome,the fascist,the Khwariji Hmm....no CNN, FOX and Al-Jazeera may not cover this. Cant have sympathy for Paksitanis ...now can we ? The myth of the peace loving Buddhists goes up in flames along with a mosque. They have a right to assembly but the police under the command of Wahabi centric right wing fascists dont think so. poor lads before they met their sad ignorant end.

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand