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The man\'s name is Nawaz Sharif, the Burlusconi of Pakistan, buys ministry of interior and the police. We can him Stalin Sharif. terror Mushy did it but did not last. How can Pak leadership talk tot terrorists? Just a few more of these to go before the establishment of Eretz Yosrael ( Greater Israel. The good Salafi ....a dead one ! media The Secular mafia hyper-ethno racist terrorist coddled by Her Majesty\'s Government in London for more than a decade. blood soaked hallways of the school with the shoes of the children strewn all along it. The proof of the anti-Ishmaelite hate of the Hashashi\'een Neo-Mutazalite Neo-Kharijis. You come to kill Pakistanis, you will die. The sooner they learn this the better it is for them. And they resist Zion?

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand