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What CNN and Fox wont show you. Seriously Americans have to wonder why their nation along with UK are best buddies of likes of Qatar,Bahrain, Saudi Arabia ? 28 dead, and 150 injured ..http://www.abna.ir/english/service/middle-east-west-asia/archive/2014/06/11/615137/story.html A presumably dead Christian girl is carried off from within the Church bombing of All Saints Church in Peshawar on 23rd September 2013. Remember the state cannot protect its majority thus they cannot protect their minority either. current Aww ! The media wont cover the heinous ignoble crimes of Secular democracies ??? Western Liberal Democracies sleeping with pseudo-Islamo-fascists !! Its not human rights abuses when democracies do it. Faulty Chinese trigger saves the day. Mushy did it but did not last. How can Pak leadership talk tot terrorists? The man\'s name is Nawaz Sharif, the Burlusconi of Pakistan, buys ministry of interior and the police. We can him Stalin Sharif. Find out US success at www.pakistanbodycount.org Another qafir anarchist bite the dust in the Karachi airport attack.

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand