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A presumably dead Christian girl is carried off from within the Church bombing of All Saints Church in Peshawar on 23rd September 2013. Remember the state cannot protect its majority thus they cannot protect their minority either. The Qafir (Khwarij)buffoons are destroying civilization. Where is the Free Palestine Council when one needs one ? blood soaked hallways of the school with the shoes of the children strewn all along it. the dead body of one of the attackers. The slow incremental holocaust shoa of Palestinians. Minority Report anyone ? Where are the Tibet loving Media Liberals? poor lads before they met their sad ignorant end. The good Salafi ....a dead one ! Now we know why India has deep and wide involvement in Afghanistan. Latest victim of Racial Jewry and Judaism\'s xenophobia,zealotry, bigotry and hatred. Not what CNN, FOX will show you because they have to protect the Wahabi/Western nexus. If they cover this then their ideological cohorts in Saudi Arabia\'s puppet regime in Pakistan will become untenable.

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand