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removing the darkie natives is not easy work. Oi Vey ! dont worry its not your child. one less Palestinian to inconvenience the lives of racial Jewism Tis in the name of White Man\'s Burden ol chap ! The Shia Khomeini Islamists and Shia killing Sunni Islamists of Pakistan exchange pleasentries when their organizations are killing each other. The lies continue ! Hey! Listen buddy, I dont need your Deobandi/Salafi religion, when I can uphold my cultural idiocy all on my own under American occupied Afghan elections. Oh ! yes but the Crimean elections are not valid okay ! The good Salafi ....a dead one ! Islamist terrorists who kill Shia,Sunni,Christians. and other minorities. The loathsome,the fascist,the Khwariji

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand