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Middle Eastern Response To Western Military and Cultural Influence
What is Christianism

Mahmud Ghazna between Pakistan and India.

Mahmud Ghazna between Pakistan and India Ahmad Imran March 27th , 2014 The discourse between the supporters of India and Pakistan has degenerated to such a degree that both nations now have nuclear missiles named after their famed historic civlizational figures. However, Indians have an…

Muqtedar Khan advocating Maududi

Muqtedar Khan plays with words and concepts in advocacy of Maududi by suggesting or paraphrasing Maududi in following terms:

Middle Eastern Response To Western Military and Cultural Influence

Middle Eastern Response To Western Military and Cultural Influence A Comparison and Contrast Of Al-Jabarti, Qasim Amin and Al-Saltana by Ahmad Imran 11th December,2013   In What Went Wrong, Bernard Lewis identified the Ottoman recognition for reforms. Sultan Selim III started on a vigorous administrative,…

What is Christianism

What is Christianism Ahmad Imran 7th December,2013 Its been decades now that the word “Islamism” has been in use. One hears it on the news and in academic and intellectual circles and it lacks a single and coherent definition. Westerners primarily use it to connote…

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Oppressing the Kashmiris ! No Israel Transitional Council? terror Water is all the poor dying can get. A Shia Muslim child wounded in the Quetta attack of Feb.16,2013. McCain loves freedom even if its delivered to others by the likes of Al-Qaeda Find out US success at of canines and their masters. Ata Turk was a fascist,Erdogan\'s party is an Islamist fascist party too. US soldier watches as a Wahabi/Salafist/taqfiri Khawarij slaughters Iraqi Shi\'a Saudi American Zionists :peas in a pod. media She should not be so humble, she is not that good. Khwariji revolution in the making in Pakistan as well. Minority Report anyone ? terror NATO protects some other interests. Where are the Tibet loving Media Liberals?

Arab Spring Sheikhs : Fatwas on Demand